Event photography London

When planning your party, celebration or function, the matter of photography is often left to the last minute or forgotten about altogether. Having gone to all the trouble of organising a landmark event, a special birthday party or one-off occasion such as a bar mitzvah or silver wedding anniversary it is easy to forget to record the occasion in a comprehensive way for posterity.

Here is a unique collection of family and friends and it’s a great opportunity to have some photographs taken by an experienced professional; resist the temptation to leave this task to ‘Uncle Jim, who’s handy with a camera’. Uncle Jim will want to enjoy the party - and a drink or two - and his mind won’t be fully on the job.

When the music has faded and the flowers have wilted, all you‘ll have left is memories and a set of photographs - so make sure they’re an excellent record, perfectly capturing the fun, the emotions, the people and the story of the event.

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